Who we are and what we do.

Yates Law Firm focuses its practice on litigation. We assist our clients with complex civil disputes, including commercial property insurance litigation, through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, trial and appeal.

We represent our clients in cases across the western United States and are licensed to practice in Colorado, Texas, California, and various federal courts across the country. Our primary office is in Denver, Colorado and to better serve our clients, we also have offices in Chicago, Dallas and Newport Beach.

We purposefully remain a small firm and are devoted to the importance of being responsive to our clients’ goals and concerns through a collaborative, team-oriented approach in solving our clients’ disputes, and most importantly, being cost-effective and efficient in doing so. The firm regularly handles complex cases in which millions of dollars are at stake. We are proud of the success that we have had for our clients and invite you to learn more about our lawyers and some of the results that they have obtained for their clients.


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